Joe Karbo Rolls Royce

It all STARTED With a Now Famous Newspaper Ad...

First published by Joe Karbo in 1973, The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches sold over 4 million copies worldwide. We went on online in 1994 with the updated and revised version written by Richard G Nixon.

The Lazy Man's way to Riches is one of the most trusted personal and business growth publications online.

Joe passed away in 1980.

The Lazy Man legacy continued when Joe's personal mentoring student Richard G. Nixon purchased Joe's publishing company.

Richard stated that the book had changed his life so dramatically and he wanted to make sure the program lived on after Joe's death.

Richard and his wife Donna Scoates-Nixon spent the next two years updating and expanding on Joe’s work, adding Richard's years of business experience and wisdom, eventually releasing The Lazy Man's Way to Riches 20th Anniversary Edition.

At that time, they also brought to life Joe's Vision of  the “Roadmap to Riches Guidebook” which is what really sets The Lazy Man's Way program apart from all other Success Programs.

Sadly, Richard passed away in 2006.

Several years later, his wife Donna Scoates-Nixon decided to relaunch the Lazy Man's Way brand  and offer this life changing Success Program to a new generation of people, so they too could benefit from the lessons contained in The Lazy Man's Way to Riches.

In 2018 Don Scott Schnure joined the company as a principle partner, acting as both the Chief Technical Officer and Marketing Director.

Don has 24 year history in the online marketing, SAAS and video production industries. Additionally, he has a deep background in self-development and NLP technologies.

Today, The Lazy Man Legacy continues AND GROWS...

We're breathing new life into many original Joe Karbo products. Many of these which are unreleased never before see or heard treasures from our archives.