• Four Weeks
  • 28 Lessons

What Exactly is "The Roadmap to Riches Course?"

It's an online guide that takes you by the hand, from right where you are, to exactly where you want to go, and with just what you have right now

As a companion workbook to the revised, updated and expanded editions of "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" by Richard G Nixon and Joe Karbo, this course picks up where most other success programs leave off.

Imagine yourself...

  • Evaluating exactly where you are, not just where you think you are.
  • Dumping the excess mental baggage that holds you back & keeps you stuck.
  • Evaluating your real needs versus your wants, and how to satisfy both.
  • Defining your burning desires, even those hidden from your conscious mind.
  • Finding your real purpose in life.
  • Turning your dreams into clearly defined, actionable goals.
  • Discovering your inner strength and true character.

Then within in just a few days within starting this program..,

Imagine yourself...

  • Changing your negative thoughts into powerful, positive thoughts.
  • Directing & managing the changes to take you exactly where you want to go.
  • Changing your decision-making process so that it always works for you.
  • Smashing the destructive bad habits that sabotage you.
  • Building powerful new good habits that propel you instead of hold you back.
  • Building your self-image. Earning your own self-respect.
  • Learning to love and respect yourself – so others can too.
  • Putting procrastination behind you for ever!
  • Building a new reality of success and happiness, your way.
  • Learning to mentally rehearse success so that it becomes automatic.

Imagine yourself...

  • Being in total control of your life, in all areas.
  • Having the freedom to be your own person.
  • Creating financial freedom for yourself and family
  • Enjoying freedom from worry and fear.
  • Creating and enjoying new loving relationships.
  • Having the confidence in your ability to finally have everything in the world you really want.

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